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Welcome to the Sister Act Cleaning, Inc. Web Page

Housekeeping/Maid service

Thinking of hiring a maid service?  You’ll want to ask quite a few questions of any cleaning service you are considering in order to help you decide which company is a good fit for your needs and expectations. A professional service will ask a number of questions about your home and your family during the process of building your cleaning estimate.  Sister Act Cleaning, Inc. will access your outside environment (i.e. dirt road, rural conditions, insects.) and your indoor environment (i.e. Pets, Smokers, brick-a-brack to be dusted.).

You should in turn ask questions about the cleaning service.  Find out whether the company is bonded and insured; this protects your home and your property from damage or theft.  Any reputable maid service should be able to provide you with a certificate of insurance to assure you that they are indeed properly insured.  Understand what the company’s cleaning policies are should you need to change a scheduled cleaning, whether or not they require a contract for a specific length of time, who will provide the cleaning products, what happens if something in your home is broken or damaged, and what type of quality guarantee the maid service offers.

House cleaning

What should you expect from a professional house cleaning?  It’s important to understand that every cleaning service will perform your house cleaning a little differently.  Some are better able to customize their approach to your needs.  Ask for a specific cleaning check list of exactly what your house cleaning will include.  Also be sure to ask whether all of the tasks will be performed with each cleaning service, or if some tasks will be rotated from cleaning to cleaning.

If you are extremely particular about how your house cleaning is done, then it is possible that the maid service you hire may do things a little differently than you would do yourself.  Keep in mind, though, that even if things are not done exactly as you would do, the fact is, you entire house has been cleaned and you didn’t have to lift a finger!

Cleaning service

Why choose a cleaning service rather than an individual maid?  There are quite a few differences between using home cleaning services and using an individual, or independent cleaner.  Often times a maid service will cost a little more. But that is for good reason!

With an individual cleaner, you are likely to get very personalized attention.  Individuals & Maids may perform laundry, child care, or other personal services.  There may be a limit to the types of services and special requests a cleaning service will typically perform.  However, there are some distinct disadvantages as well.  A cleaning service will take care of all the tax and social security payments that you would otherwise be responsible for.  Also, a cleaning service pays for workers’ compensation, which means that you are not liable if a cleaner is hurt in your home.  And, a cleaning service is most reliable; they always have someone to send on your regular cleaning day, even if someone calls out sick.

Develop A Relationship with the Service You Choose

House cleaning services are very personal.  Building a relationship with the house cleaning service you choose will be important to your satisfaction.

Communicate with them openly and honestly about exactly what you expect from a thorough home cleaning.  Call or e-mail them with feedback on your level of satisfaction with the service you are receiving.  Trust the advice that your maid service gives you on how to best maintain your home, and always show your appreciation to your ‘Sister(s)’, whether you leave gratuity or just a nice note, your thanks will encourage their good performance.

Make Home Cleaning Service Work For You

Home cleaning is a chore you no longer have to tackle on your own!  Whether you hire a maid service to tackle just your toughest home cleaning tasks, or you bring in the professionals to take cleaning off your hands entirely, help is available, and more affordable than you might think.

A typical house cleaning, done on a weekly basis in an average sized home, will total about $80 to $140 per visit, depending on the frequency of cleaning, type of rooms to be cleaned, and overall condition of the house.  And remember; even if your budget is too tight to use a maid service regularly, a thorough home cleaning a few times a year will make the maintenance cleaning you perform on your own much easier!