Welcome to the Sister Act Party Planning Website

These days just about everybody offers some form of a catering service.  Most any restaurant will provide you with paper plates and 'sporks' with your order.  But, if you’re looking for professional service, then you want to contact us.

You can count on us for everything from food service to wait staff and bartending, to monitoring rooms (maintaining lit candles, observing guests and pick-up of soiled plates and glasses) and coat check.  We can even help you with valet parking.

Sister Act Party Planning will make your special gathering memorable.  Enjoy your guests, take in your surroundings, drink in the moment - Simply, be a Guest at your own Party!

We are available for corporate parties as well as your private functions.  Whether you’re planning for a sophisticated formal occasion, backyard Bar-b-que or an outdoor wedding, we can help make your event a success.

After your party you can expect clean-up and carrying out of all waste, leaving your home in the same shape as it was before your function.

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